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Into the Forest (The Gold-Children)Photoshop
Rain Poured, Break for a SpellPhotoshop
Retreat Was Not SurrenderPhotoshop
Son of the SunPhotoshop
Son of the Sun (Detail)Photoshop
Everyone's a Building Burning (Modest Mouse)Photoshop
Echoes of EternityArtRage 4
Echoes of Eternity DetailArtRage 4
Study of Edgar Degas' "The Painter Albert Melida"ArtRage 4
Sir RobertArtRage 4
Sir Robert DetailArtRage 4
Knyaz Vader (Darth Vader as Slavic Prince)Photoshop
Sir Roderick on Horseback (CO Renaissance Festival)Photoshop
Sir Roderick on Horseback (CO Renaissance Festival)Photoshop
View from RiNoArtRage 3
View from RiNo ProcessArtRage 3
Berber TribesmanArtRage 3
RamsesArtRage 3
Ramses ProcessArtRage 3
Ramses ProcessArtRage 3
Bradley ManningPhotoshop
Pharaoh's 14th Century Tonlet ConceptArtRage
Before the FuneralPhotoshop
Stephen Hawking Photoshop
Qiang Village Photoshop
The Ransom of Red Chief Corel Painter / Photoshop
Tiger Stamps Illustrator
Brilliant Silence Photoshop
Jazz Piano Colored pencil and acrylic
Storyboard sample Photoshop
Liechtenstein Postcard 1 of 3 Illustrator
Liechtenstein Postcard 2 of 3 Illustrator
Liechtenstein Postcard 3 of 3 Illustrator
The Last Primitive People Photoshop
The Holy Land Photoshop
Barack Photoshop
Skin of Fire Photoshop

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